Tell Us: What's the Worst Part of Your Day?


Tell Us: What's the Worst Part of Your Day?

aaargh_colorIn the morning, my parents eat breakfast and read the newspaper. Their hearing ads remain upstairs in the bedroom.

I spend my mornings screaming so they can hear. They spend their mornings yelling that they can't hear me because they aren't wearing their ears.

This morning, Kevin, who shovels the driveway, arrived at 7:25 a.m. because my dad asked him to come at 7:30. Kevin rang the doorbell on the door in the breakfast room and then, as he waited for someone to answer the door, began shoveling the driveway by the window in the breakfast room. Although I'm working at another area of the house, I hear the doorbell. I go to the kitchen to see if my parents hear that Kevin has arrived. My parents continue eating their breakfast, undisturbed by the doorbell and the guy outside the window shoveling. I try to explain that Kevin is here, has rang the doorbell. My dad yells that he can't hear me. I scream that Kevin is here.

It's the worst for me. I have a feeling, though, that you've got it worse.

So, I wonder: What's the worst part of your day?

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Lillie Fuller

I so get it Denise.. My mom has a pair of $3,000 hearing aids that haven't been out of the box since she brought them home more than 15 years ago. My mom starts her own conversation when you ask her a question because she didn't hear what was said. It's so aggravating sometimes. I guess it's no more aggravating than me asking, Pardon me? or Huh? because I didn't hear what you said either. I have extremely poor hearing also. I wish my mom's hearing aids fit me, I would wear them!! \r\n\r\nThe worst part of my day is during the night. My mom gets up several times to use the restroom and I have the hardest time falling back asleep, so usually I am awake for several hours during the night which makes it difficult for me to have my game face on when it's time to start the day! Last night I got a total of 3 hours sleep. I don't know what I can do to help me get back to sleep. I've tried counting sheep, praying, reading... the list goes on.