Tell Us: What’s Today’s Caregiving Stress (Day 2)?


Tell Us: What’s Today’s Caregiving Stress (Day 2)?

blood-pressure-monitor-350930_640As you may know, I’ve been collecting data about your caregiving stress, the overlooked epidemic in our communities. During a recent webinar, The Family Caregiver’s Stress, I shared the current results of our ongoing survey and share thoughts about what’s needed to minimize the stress.

We know that caregiving stress can be ongoing. I also believe that caregiver stress is constantly changing, that what stresses you on Monday is replaced by a different stressful situation on Tuesday. To show the constant and changing face of caregiving stress, I’d love for you to tell us about each day’s caregiving stress over a period of five days. Your stories about your day’s caregiving stress will make our data about your caregiving stress that much more compelling.

In our comments section, below, tell us about the stress you’re feeling today.

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Caregiver service today scheduled my caregiver to go directly to another client when done here - but they screwed up the time and shorted us by an hour. When the caregiver tried to talk to them about it, she was told she still needed to go to the other place at the appointed time. They weren't answering their phones, so the caregiver and I could only leave messages for the 2 contact people. I finally told the caregiver that I would do my best to be home earlier than usual and she would just have to be late to the other one. Now I still have to deal with the service and get this straightened out. Ridiculous that they'd be told of the mistake but still tell her she had to be 2 places at once. Even if the time was correct, how could she be leaving our house and arriving at the other house at the same time? GRRRRRR . . .


Today's Caregiving Stress is learning about my mother-in-law's brain tumor and my husband's discussion with his oldest sister about potential future needs. She has my two sister-in-laws that live closer to her than I do.. however, as my husband describes... they are not \"you, Lisa\"... meaning, not caregiver material.

Lillie Fuller

Today's stress is THE CAST and I guess I could mean THE CAST of this play (life) and also THE CAST on my mom's right leg. She prayed for this cast all week, now she is not so sure. It's too heavy, she is tiny, it's hard, duh, it's just a bit overwhelming right now! This is day two, we only have two weeks to go and I'm ALMOST certain she will get used to it.


I went away for the night, and relaxed (too much) but ready to take on the next challenge. When I got home yesterday he only wanted to talk nasty to me. Didn't even ask if I had a nice time. UGH I hate the not participating in any other world but their own.