Tell Us: What’s Today’s Caregiving Stress (Day 2)?


Tell Us: What’s Today’s Caregiving Stress (Day 2)?

struggling-with-stress_364x200_98059549As you may know, I’ve been collecting data about your caregiving stress, the overlooked epidemic in our communities. During a recent webinar, The Family Caregiver’s Stress, I shared the current results of our ongoing survey and share thoughts about what’s needed to minimize the stress.

We know that caregiving stress can be ongoing. I also believe that caregiver stress is constantly changing, that what stresses you on Monday is replaced by a different stressful situation on Tuesday. To show the constant and changing face of caregiving stress, I’d love for you to tell us about each day’s caregiving stress over a period of five days. Your stories about your day’s caregiving stress will make our data about your caregiving stress that much more compelling.

In our comments section, below, tell us about the stress you’re feeling today.

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Besides waiting to hear from Medicaid all morning, and still fuming that the bank would not give me a cash advance for the funds for Dean's care yesterday, even though I'm his power of attorney. But then I just called the care facility to see how hubby's doing in his new \"home\", and found out his latest prick showed over 450 for blood sugars. So she will let me know as soon as the doctor calls back for what they will do about it. He's already on a sliding scale for insulin, so this must have been off the chart for him. Waiting, waiting, its own stress. Yesterday my own blood pressure was about 150/100 so had to take extra med for it. Yeah...I thought taking care of him at home was stressful, but this is only slightly better. At least I don't have the physical cares and monitoring, and trying to make these decisions on my own, but it's still a big worry to oversee his care.


Here's another fun one: stressing out over where I am going to end up living. My house is on the market. I worry about where I will go when -- if -- it sells. It's got to be someplace where can I bring the menagerie of five. What will I do with all of my stuff? The hassle of moving. Five times in the last 13 years. I just don't feel like doing it again. I love this house. I don't really want to sell. So I worry that it will sell. But I need to sell, so I worry that it won't sell. I'm a professional worrier -- I've got all bases covered here!