Tell Us: What’s Today’s Caregiving Stress (Day 4)?


Tell Us: What’s Today’s Caregiving Stress (Day 4)?

struggling-with-stress_364x200_98059549As you may know, I’ve been collecting data about your caregiving stress, the overlooked epidemic in our communities. During a recent webinar, The Family Caregiver’s Stress, I shared the current results of our ongoing survey and share thoughts about what’s needed to minimize the stress.

We know that caregiving stress can be ongoing. I also believe that caregiver stress is constantly changing, that what stresses you on Monday is replaced by a different stressful situation on Tuesday. To show the constant and changing face of caregiving stress, I’d love for you to tell us about each day’s caregiving stress over a period of five days. Your stories about your day’s caregiving stress will make our data about your caregiving stress that much more compelling.

In our comments section, below, tell us about the stress you’re feeling today.

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Stressful when DH missplaced his daily med boxes...... Remainining calm, the hunt for the misplaced meds began. I figured since we live in a small place, they couldnt have gone to far......wrong! The med boxes were no where to be found. My stress begins to grow....where in the world would DH have possibly carried those off to? They are always in one place on the kitchen counter or in my purse if we leave the house. The light bulb went on....we did get in the car to have a picnic at the park....Hunnie, did you possibly tuck your med boxes in your coat pocket when we left for the park?....DH goes out to the car where he had left his coat and quess what? Stress dissapears till we ran to the grocery store for a few things. I parked in the handicapped spot and the handicapped placard is missing (always kept in the glove compartment) The car isnt that big, this should be easy enough to find....wrong! I repark the car elsewhere & pray the missing placard turns up later.


We had to evacuate from Hurricane Matthew. We live in coastal GA, and got incredibly lucky that nothing was damaged severely (some water leaked in, but the contractor thinks it was from the vents in the attic because the roof is ok). \r\nBut mom has dementia (Alz). Changes in routine are very bad things for dementia patients. Major changes such as evacuating from their home to a hotel with 8 adults, a 3 year old, 6 cats and a dog are very very bad for dementia patients (we weren't all in one room, but we were there for 3 days til our county let people back in). \r\n\r\nShe's still \"recovering\" from it, but she fell last night and did something to her ankle. She's refusing to let me take her to the ER, becomes very combative/agitated when anyone tries to look at it even. It's not broken, possibly a slight sprain. I talked to her Neuro and they said that it should be ok if I keep it iced and elevated, and that the extreme increase in confusion is \"normal\" for dementia patients. \r\n\r\nStress level is at about an 11 now. Normally she can transfer to a potty chair with minimal assistance, but right now is having to use a bedpan, and is struggling with following directions (stuff like \"raise your leg\" or \"turn over towards the tv\" when I'm trying to change her or her bedpads). She refuses to call for help, and will just lay there and pee the bed without bothering to let someone know, so I've been checking her at least once an hour, and she's always mad I make her change out of wet stuff. She's always been resistant to everything and extremely (verbally) combative, but it's worse because of the change in routine. And she has a speech therapy appointment tomorrow, and still can't stand up unassisted, so I don't even know how I'm going to get her there tomorrow.

Lillie Fuller

Today's stress for me is DERMATITIS!!! I hate it. Hands and feet, itch and burn! No relief! Washing hands makes it worse. I help my mom on and off the commode at least 15 times a day, that means I wash my hands 30 times a day! STRESS!!!