Tell Us: What's Your Caregiving Stress (Day 3)?


Tell Us: What's Your Caregiving Stress (Day 3)?

steam-484572_640As you may know, I’ve been collecting data about your caregiving stress, the overlooked epidemic in our communities. During a recent webinar, The Family Caregiver’s Stress, I shared the current results of our ongoing survey and share thoughts about what’s needed to minimize the stress.

We know that caregiving stress can be ongoing. I also believe that caregiver stress is constantly changing, that what stresses you on Monday is replaced by a different stressful situation on Tuesday. To show the constant and changing face of caregiving stress, I’d love for you to tell us about each day’s caregiving stress over a period of five days. Your stories about your day’s caregiving stress will make our data about your caregiving stress that much more compelling.

In our comments section, below, tell us about the stress you’re feeling today.

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Today has been trying to cope while a tired caree wants to do way more than he should.. all the while telling me that I am in the way (from across the room). He spends 45 minutes every time he talks to me lecturing me on how I am doing everything wrong and that I refuse to listen to him and how unintelligent my choices are. He gives me an order and then lectures me until I forget what the original plan was. Many times a day he asks me to tell him specific information from 10 years ago or even last week (stuff that has no bearing on daily life) then gets angry because I can't quote him. Even more anger when he thinks I don't listen (housewife here, always taking care of every tiny need).\r\n\r\nIt's like walking in a rattlesnake pit, you never know when you are going to get bitten- just know you will be bitten! There is no right answer and don't even imagine how angry he gets if I ask him what answer he wants!


Today's stress was having less than 45 minutes to disassemble and relocate a bed, before the home care delivery brought...Mom' bed. \r\n\r\nYup. She finally gave in and accepted the necessity.

Lillie Fuller

Today's stress is worry about my mom and her itching. Her fingernails are cut short but the itching is driving both of us crazy. She is taking an antihistamine for it already. I wish she could just stop!


Overwhelmed of the number of things I need to take care of, not only for myself, but for my Mom.......prioritizing is a challenge..


Me too - I've been worrying a lot about the future. And I also couldn't get in gear this morning... overslept too... sigh.

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