Tell Us: What's Your Comparison?


Tell Us: What's Your Comparison?

apple-379373_640On this week's Care Break video chat, @brucemc and I talked about comparisons.

We compare our the reality of our todays with the hopes we had in our past. We compare our carees to other carees. (I do this in the grocery store when I see an older person grocery shopping. Does Dad look that good, I wonder? Could Mom navigate a store like that?) We compare what we have with what others have. We compare our caregiving situations to others.

Before we know it, we've compared it all.

So, I'd love to know: What do you find yourself comparing? What's the one comparison you'd love to stop but find yourself doing anyway?

Tell us about your comparisons in our comments section, below.

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I compare others' careers with mine. I often wonder where my career would be if only....


Incredibly guilty confession: I compare my coworker's husband's cancer prognosis (about 50%) to my husband's (nil). Frankly, I am sometimes envious of their odds. \"It's not fair!\" I know it's not a rational perspective, but I cannot help myself. So, I try to forgive myself.