Tell Us: What's Your Dream?


Tell Us: What's Your Dream?

I've been thinking about dreams lately. During caregiving, we can feel we must put our dreams (for our future, for our career, for our lives, for ourselves) on hold. How can we make our dreams come true during a time that steals what we need (time, money, energy, faith) for our dream?

Today, let's take our dreams off hold. Let's reconnect with our hopes and wishes. In our comments section, below, tell us: What's your dream?

I look forward to learning about your dreams.

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I dream of being a much more involved grandmother,baby sitting, picking the kids up from school, having them stay overnight etc. and I dream of being a famous poet with with a best selling book.


Dreams, hopes, desires! Indeed caregiving duties definitely have influenced a lot of decisions I have made over the past few years. I have had job opportuities that I had to pass up because of time constraints. I have had to sacfice a side job that paid extremely well due to time constraints. I planned my life to have my children at a fairly young age, to be able to have the freedom of having my children grown while I am still relatively young. The freedom that I had planned for and looked forward to for almost 30 years is “on hold”. \r\n\r\nThe dreams of freedom and travel will have to wait. However, focusing on new dreams and desires have been a favorite pasttime.


Off the top of my head I would say it includes living in a place with avid conversationalists and dear friends, good food, art nearby and accessible, nature to walk in, pets to snuggle with, a way to make a difference and being able to balance fun, connection and purpose. Also donuts.


Wow! When I began to think about my dream I realized the question intimidated me. I have been so long outside of dreams I would have for myself that I don't even think in terms of my dreams. Or, if I do think of my dream I always default back to what would be best for the people in my life rather than for myself. I believe this is a natural thought progression for caregivers in general and certainly so for those of us who were born caregivers. As long as I can remember I have put other people's concerns before mine. That is not necessarily a good thing as I have often chosen people who were not healthy for me or my family. Even now I am writing all around the subject as I struggle to think of me...just me...and what would be my dream. \r\nMy dream would be to live somewhere quiet and quaint. I want to write and having a place in a secluded area would be perfect. But, I want to be with others at times also. I would add a group of close friends and a community of faith to attend. I would love to be free of worry and caregiving. I am happy to caregive my husband and will do so as long as it takes but I do not want to have this in my life again. I am 66 years old. At this moment my dream holds peace and quiet, rest, nature, the love of a few and the opportunity to let go, truly let go. \r\nThank you for asking.