Tell Us: What’s Your Gold Medal Event in the Caregiving Olympics?


Tell Us: What’s Your Gold Medal Event in the Caregiving Olympics?

winner-1548239_640There's nothing like the Olympics. And, let's face it, you compete in a different kind of Olympics every day. It's the longest of marathons: Caregiving.

So, tell us: If caregiving were the Olympics, in what event would you win a gold medal? Would you win for doing the most loads of laundry in one day? For repeating the same answer to the same question without losing your cool? For diving through the health care red tape to get what you need?

Please share in our comments section below about your gold medal event in the Caregiving Olympics.

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Lordy...I haven't had to deal with the 3Ps yet. I have a violently weak stomach and may have add my own set of Ps to that moment when it happens (puking and passing out).


Mine is, biting my tongue and keeping my lip zipped when the conversation turns to how horrible everyone and everything is, how the world's going to hell in a handbasket, etc etc. I've given up reminding her that no, I haven't heard the latest bad news, I don't watch TV because it's too depressing etc.


Right there with you!!!


A triathlete! Congratulations!

Lillie Fuller

Gold Medal for patience!

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