Tell Us: What's Stressful Right Now?


Tell Us: What's Stressful Right Now?

clock-102060_640We all know that caregiving is stressful. The cause of the stress, though, can change. A hospitalization causes stress. Waiting for test results causes stress. End of the month can cause stress as you do with what you have until more money arrives. A pending visit from family members can cause stress.

What was stressful yesterday may not be stressful today. And, what stressed you out this morning may not cause stress this afternoon.

So, I'd love to know: What's stressful for you right now?

Share about this moment's stress in our comments section, below.


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Caregiver Carolyn

I have to work in order to live, I finally found adult daycare for mother, and there is no way she is going. I am ready to give up to the point of calling in her nurse manager from the health care agency, and aranging for a nursing home.\r\nI can't handle the poverty and the resistance. I'm not that strong.\r\nI am feeling so helpless right now.


Watching a once strong, intellectual husband spiral downhill mentally, physically & emotionally. I guess our quality of life go down the tubes too.


Thank you, but my Mom is in a wheelchair and cannot walk...........She has only one usable leg. if I tell her to go home or we leave, it is dangerous and difficult......It also makes her more confused. My Mom does not have alzheimers.


Repeating myself is stressful. Being with someone who cannot remember beyond two minutes in the past is stressful. Does anyone have any techniques, thoughts, or tips on how to relieve or deal with this?


It's stressful living with a husband who needs help dressing and putting on complicated compression stockings, and transferring, who slips onto the floor and I'm no longer able to get him up, who has difficulty controlling his bladder now, who relies on me to assist with many of the activities we take for granted... I can't be away from him without making sure someone is available to help him. He is prideful and resists changes that would make life easier. We have moved closer to our daughters so we can have more family time and more help. They are great! One of them doesn't really 'get it', though - sees everything as black and white/either/or - not that simple!

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