Tell Us: What's Your Missing Piece?


Tell Us: What's Your Missing Piece?

puzzle-55880_640A caregiving experience will test your patience, challenge your faith and, often, shatter your life.

A caregiving experience can seem to break your life into pieces, tearing apart what you knew, believed, expected. As the days and years go on, you do your best to put together the pieces to create a new life for yourself.

Except that there's always at least one piece still on the floor that you can't seem to fit. You miss it, you think about it, you want it but you just can't find the time or energy to put it into a day.

It could be your workout, your monthly book club at the library, that one friend you love to see. This important piece of you still sits on floor, waiting (you hope) to be picked up.

For you, what piece still sits on the floor? What's difficult about fitting that piece in your life right now?

Tell us about your missing piece in our comments, below.

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My missing piece would be my spontaneity. Before I began this journey I had finally reached the place in my life where I had no responsibility of children. My daughter had finished high school, and was working full time. We lived as 2 adults really. I knew her schedule, she knew mine. If I wanted to stay in town with my friends and go to a movie, dinner or art show, I did. If I wanted to take off for the weekend, I did. I know those days will come back but I sure do miss them. Planning is they key to anything and any time I spend outside of here now. I'm sure it's the same for many of you as well.


Painfully, I had to detach from care-giving my caree because of severe health problems. My missing piece is regaining my health and creating a healthy life for myself.


My health is my missing piece. I too have a chronic illness, Osteoarthritis of the spine and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I need to prioritize my exercise so as to slow these diseases down and be able to take care of hubby, but I just cannot seem to fit it in after 10 hours at work and then caring for my hubby when I get home.


I was never a person at a loss for ideas. I had always been flooded with them; creative, artistic, and functional. I could never understand writer's block or any other kind of creative block. It didn't occur to me that I could be any other way. Since this happened it isn't that I have a block; I have a black hole in my head. It's completely empty.