Tell Us: What’s Your Must-Have Go To When You Need a Laugh?


Tell Us: What’s Your Must-Have Go To When You Need a Laugh?

smile-1539196_640On Sunday, we gathered on Twitter for our twice-a-month #carechat. We discussed our caregiving must-haves.

I loved our conversation and thought it would be fun to bring it here, too. So, for the next five days, I’ll ask you to share a caregiving must-have.

Today, let's share what makes us laugh. When you need to take a break from the stress, what's the movie or TV show which makes you laugh? When you need to recover from a bad day, who seems always give you giggles?

So, when you need to laugh, what's your go-to?

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My coworkers can totally crack me up. At home an episode or two of The Office does the trick. Just saw Bad Moms, which was laugh-out-loud funny.


Watching a funny movie or tv series, in the Eve. with DH ....\"Momma's House\" always makes us laugh


\"The Bird Cage\" - Robin Williams and Nathen Hale are hysterical... always makes me laugh.


I love a good comedy when I need a laugh. British comedy is the best. Some of my favorites are Man Down, Doc Martin, and Friday Night Dinner. I also love when one of my friends call and we get on a good laugh about things happening at our respective jobs.


I Listen to Car Talk on public radio. They crack me up .

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