Tell Us: What's Your Performance That Would Win an Oscar?


Tell Us: What's Your Performance That Would Win an Oscar?

theater-432045_640Maybe you didn't study drama or perform at your local community theater.

But you sure can act.

You act when your caree tells the doctor, "No change! I'm doing great!" You act when your friend asks how you're doing and you say, "I'm fine." You act when a family member complains about the stress of planning a vacation and you say, "I can only imagine how overwhelmed you feel."

You've got a stage full of Oscar-worthy performances.

In our comments section, below, tell us about one of your scenes which deserves an Oscar.

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John Parks-Coleman

Yvonne - \"Baby, did you get (insert task) done?\"\r\nMe - \"Of course I did\" and I rush off to do it.\r\nTen minutes later...and scene:\r\nYvonne - \"Why are you sweating?\"\r\nMe - \"Just getting some are you feeling?\"


Diabetic cirrhotic cognitively-impaired husband with severe reflux and chronic indigestion, third time in 24 hours: \"I'd sure love some macaroni and cheese with cornbread!\" \r\nMe: \"That sounds great! Let me run out to the store and bring some right back!\" \r\nWhich I cheerfully did, and spent the next 3 days mopping up the mess this made of MY life. \r\nAcademy Award, perhaps. \r\nMensa? Not!


\"Mom, it's fine, don't worry about it! If God prepared anyone to do this it's me. I can't work because of Rachel anyway and I've been doing the same things for her for 20 years!\"\r\nSome things are actually overwhelming, I would love to have a job that doesn't include dishes and laundry, and sometimes I'm just tired after doing it for 20 years!