Tell Us: What's Your Shawshank Redemption?


Tell Us: What's Your Shawshank Redemption?

chiselSeveral years ago, we had a conversation about movies on the website. One of our members who cared for his mom suggested the movie, "The Shawshank Redemption." When I mentioned that I had not seen the movie, the member was incredulous. "It's a must-see," he said.

I watched the movie soon after his comment and then totally understand his appeal that I must see it. When you feel trapped by life's circumstances, this movie provides the inspiration to map your way to better.

So, I wonder: What's your shawshank redemption? What do you do every day that keeps you moving into your future, that provides a vision for your future, that gives you energy to get to tomorrow? Your shawshank redemption could be creating crafts, reading books, taking an online class, writing in your journal, blogging here, walking. It's a seed you plant every day that you watch grow in value each day.

It's your small daily purpose, just for you, that will become your future. For instance, your daily walks take you to a healthier tomorrow. Your online class ensures you have up-to-date skills when you re-enter the workforce.

So, tell us: What's your shawshank redemption?

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Lisa M

I swim. As many mornings as I can - just 40 minutes, but feeling the power in my arms and legs, gliding through the water and the wonderful peace of being underwater. It makes the days easier. Also writing. I think I might explode if I never got it out!


Mine are: Writing, riding my bike, spending time with my nieces and nephews, and reading stories of courage like the ones we share here. :)


I wasn't sure where you were going with this question. I love the Movie and the author of the book. Then I thought about it. I try and ride my bike in the morning before everyone wakes up and I am in demand. I haven't been able to the last couple of mornings because of rain. Today I overheard a dear woman who has had a leg amputated who goes around our block on her scooter tell my husband that she loves watching me ride my bike. She told him she loves seeing my smile and the joy it shows every morning. It made me feel special that someone noticed me and I could put a smile on a strangers face. I will be riding my bike around the block with even a bigger smile from now on.


I paint. Plein air with a group I sought out, and by myself. It helps me forget about this non-life I'm leading. Also, reading, Yoga and my recumbent bike. I used to try and plan a future, but it seems it will always be more of the same.

Donna Bates

My \"Shawshank Redemption\" was my silent planning for my future. Detailed in my head, how things would play out, having my plan so memorized to the tiniest of detail that others will be blown away by my precision. Timing is everything. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting but then it happens. With calmness of years of planning, you walk the path you have been planning without looking back.

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