Tell Us: What's Your Strangest Dream?


Tell Us: What's Your Strangest Dream?

moon-67909_640Our six-word stories about why we can't sleep, made me think about my dreams.

Last week, I had a dream I was dying of AIDS. During the dream, I kept thinking, "Well, now I know how I'm going to die."

How about you? How does your caregiving experience affect your dreams?

Tell us about your dreams in our comments section, below.

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I dream but I don’t see a connection to caregiving specifically. One of the most interesting dreams about healing I ever had happened years ago. I was in therapy for some incredibly painful childhood issues. I had been working very hard with my therapist and felt incapable of going on with the process. I dreamed I was in an operating room with doctors and nurses all around. I glanced at my arm and realized it had a gaping wound from the wrist to the elbow on the underside of my arm. I could see all the muscles and sinew and bones. It was horrific. This dream was followed, weeks later, by a dream in the same setting but my arm was healing well and the prognosis was excellent.


The strangest thing about my dreams is that I have non or should I say none that I can remember.I understand that the researchers say we all have them but some of us don;t remember them

Lillie Fuller

I frequently dream of my dad who passed in July of 2003. My dad had Parkinson's Disease and drug induced dementia. My dad used to wander in the back yard and he had a large selection of totes he had \"stuff\" in and everyday he would go outside in the back and he would \"sort stuff\" in these totes. When I would go outside to check on him he would get mad and tell me to go in the house, like he was doing secret spy work. I often dream of my dad being in the back yard sorting stuff and I am trying to spy on him, trying to see what he is doing. Other times in my dreams I am trying to get him to come in the house. It's daylight outside but I am trying to get him inside. The weird part of this is that in my dreams it is our dog, Roxie, that I am spying on and trying to get in the house. We got Roxie shortly after my dad passed and I have always said that my dad's spirit lives in her.


Yep, sounds like a stress-related dream. I suspect mine, being pleasant, almost ecstatic even, reflect loss of freedom by their absence.


Ever since I was a child, I would have recurring dreams about flying like a bird, or breathing underwater. Thrilling, joyous dreams. \r\nI haven't had such dreams for a few years now, and I miss them.

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