Tell Us: What's Your Theme for 2014?


Tell Us: What's Your Theme for 2014?

new_year_party-mdYesterday, Ellen Rogin joined me on Your Caregiving Journey to discuss setting goals for the New Year. (You can listen to the conversation with Ellen via the player at the bottom of the post.)

I loved Ellen's take on goal setting. Rather than listing tasks she hopes to accomplish in the New Year, she creates a theme, an overarching purpose that leads her through the year. For 2014, Ellen's theme is "Connections, Creativity, Contribution and Impact." She will apply her theme by:

  • writing an unbelievable book that serves as many people as possible;

  • expanding her network to serve as many people as possible;

  • staying connected with family and friends;

  • positively impacting others every day.

I love the idea of a theme, which elevates the work we do each day. When we find our big picture, then the tasks and To Dos of our days take on greater meaning. For instance, Ellen isn't just writing a book--she's writing an unbelievable book that will serve. The process involved in writing--which can be overwhelming and exhausting--now becomes purposeful. The theme motivates us to get through the short-term struggle because we're really working on a life-long purpose. Most important, the theme reminds us that we truly have a reason for being, that we each have very important work to do during our life.

My personal theme for 2014 is: "Capture Abundance Beyond Imagination."

So, I'd love to know: What's your theme for 2014? Please share your theme as you create it. We'll revisit our themes for 2014 throughout the coming year.


These archived webinars can be helpful as you think about your 2014:

  • Managing Time During Your Day and Your Life
    How we use our time is how we live our life, so the saying goes. How do we make the most of our time so we live the life we want? Join me for a 40-minute webinar; we’ll create time in your day to create the time of your life. Listen to the webinar here.

  • Finding Purpose in Your Caregiving Days
    The drudgery of a caregiving day can hide the purpose of your caregiving days. In this webinar, I help you find your purpose–your meaning–during caregiving. At the end of the webinar, you’ll see your days–and purpose within your days–differently. Listen to the webinar here.

I'll share more insights and suggestions to help you make 2014 a great year in our next webinar, Making a Dream Happen in 2014, which happens on December 18 at Noon ET. You can register for the webinar, which is free during the live broadcast, here.

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