Tell Us: What's Your Trauma?


Tell Us: What's Your Trauma?

On Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law shared how upsetting it is to see my mom, who seems to disappear a little bit every day.

What we witness during caregiving can really be traumatic. I think of a terrible fall my mom took in December 2014 and my heart races. (Read Oh, Bloody Hell, A Fall.) I can't help but think, What if I didn't see her fall? She would have laid outside on the concrete for hours. I think about the trauma of my dad's despair after my mom's internal bleeds.

We see and feel so much that changes us in a way only a trauma can do. Sometimes, the trauma happens when we witness a heart attack or stroke or medical interventions. Sometimes, the trauma occurs when we can't take away the pain and suffering.

What's been traumatic for you? Please share your experiences with what you witness during caregiving and how it impacts you today. Tell us about your traumatic experiences in our comments section, below.

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Having to give my Mom CPR on August 27th 2015.. .. ( and the 7 hospitalizations between August 2015 to August 2016... none since) never forget that day ever ... so scary, but I saved her life.


My worst trauma was the day my bride had seizures which led to her final week. It was only this October, and i know things are still fresh, but I picture what went on that day and then the day she passed. I try to think back to when she was well, and the fun we had over our lives together.


My first worst trauma was knowing something was wrong with mom and getting no support and anger back from family. Being told I had brought this on myself, etc. Then mom had a terrible dip and we had to hospitalize her in a geriatric unit. That was very traumatic...particularly for the family because Mom was completely lost in hallucinations. It was scary but was a relief for me because we finally got a good diagnosis, good meds, and awareness for family. It was traumatic, though, leaving her in the unit. My current trauma is around Mom's decline. She is starting to tell those far out stories again, like she did before she had her big dip. I am prepared to handle now, but it reminds me of the disease and that it is progressive. I am not sure I am ready for that and it is traumatic. I feel comfortable living in denial.


My first traumatic experience was when Bill had a bad seizure. It was due to him having a massive UTI. I was so upset that I did not catch it. How could I have let it get that bad? I was assured it happens.\r\n\r\nMy daily trauma is the fear of him aspirating. He has severe dysphasia and has to have honey thick liquids. Did I thicken his drink enough? Is he slowly drowning and I don't know it? In 2001 my Mother aspirated while in ICU, on my encouragement to take \"one more sip\" of ensure. She never recovered. Huge fear.


I'm not sure it's trauma, but the memories of my mother at the end of her life when dementia completely overtook her are basically all I have of her life. Her wonderful, full life is for the most part, obliterated in my mind. The well person is gone. The sick one I didn't recognize persists. I thought after 2 years and a memorial service, I would feel differently, but I don't. Can trauma be acute and chronic? I have the chronic kind.

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