Tell Us: When (and How) Do You Hide from Caregiving?


Tell Us: When (and How) Do You Hide from Caregiving?

ducks-1114846_640Last night, during our #carechat, Tim (@npasdk) shared that work can sometimes be a break from caregiving.

And, that make me think that I probably use work sometimes as an excuse to hide from caregiving. It's not very often but I have used a work commitment to get me out of something simply because I needed a break.

So... I wonder: When and how do you hide from caregiving?

Share when you take cover, where you take cover and how long you pray for cover in our comments section, below.

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My job is defiantly a break for me. My wife's sleep schedule is way off, so she often sleeps till the early afternoon. On weekends, this gives me some time to get things done around the house, and go fishing, which I try to do once a week. Being on the water is the best break for me.


My mother had lived with us for almost four years. So many people in and out of the house. Caregivers 8 hours a day, every day, week in, week out. Nurses, doctors, therapists – not to mention hubby and the occasional kid visit. During this time hubby and I got out or away to have “our time” but finding “me time” had been elusive. Believe it or not, the local McDonald’s became the answer. A few times a week, on the way back to the house from an appointment or a shopping run, I would turn into the McDonald’s, go through the drive through and order myself a Mocha Frappe. Instead of going home, I would \"hide from caregiving\". I would circle around, park, turn off the car and take out my iPhone and fire up the Kindle app. I would sit by myself and read until I had finished my drink. Alone. Just me and my book. No mom, no animals, no hubby, no caregiving.\r\n\r\nIt was my salvation. My way to remember who I was, to be alone with me. Because that time alone helped me be able to go back and take care of mom just a little bit better. Better because I took the time to take care of me.


At this moment I am in my car parked under a big tree in the parking lot of a nearby shopping mall.\r\nI Just finished eating my lunch, from a nearby restaurant. I have been listening to public radio, and checking email and I am about to go into the mall and do some walking before it is time for me to stop by the drug store and get back by the time my husband's paid caregiver needs to leave

Lillie Fuller

When I get in the yard and \"tend\" to my plants it is a break from Caregiving. I don't know if I could call it hiding but it is definitely a break. Also when I am able to go have a haircut and have my eyebrows waxed it is all about me, total relaxation and it is a nice break.


At the end of my day, I snuggle up on the bed with 2 of my 3 dogs (sometimes the cat joins us) and dive into a big, fat, juicy book. I especially enjoy fiction set in ancient Rome or feudal Japan. The further away in time and space the better.

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