Tell Us: When Do You Bite Your Tongue?


Tell Us: When Do You Bite Your Tongue?

silence-288674_640Perhaps it's after hearing certain words, like "I don't need any help doing that" or "I don't have allergies" or "I know I said I would help but I'm busy next Saturday."

Perhaps it's after you update the uninvolved family members who them involve themselves with critiquing questions like, "Can't you figure out a cheaper way?"

A caregiving situation can feel like an exercise in biting your tongue.

Tell us, in our comments section, below, when you bite your tongue, including the last time you bit back words that you really wanted to release.

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Not always successful, but when my wife asks for my help, then grabs whatever it is out of my hands and says \"I can do it\".\nThat's one of many...


I bite my tongue when I'm at doctors appointment. It was like that when my Grandfather was alive he never wanted me to share things as he only shared with his doctors what he wanted them to know and no more. My father-in-law is also like that. When I have gone to appointments with him & the ER if I asked any questions he lets me know that I'm supposed to be quiet. It's SO frustrating when I care & I also want to learn things from the doctors and the nurses.\r\nMaria


Denise, that's really great that you figured out where the intersection of the collision is. Identifying the cause is so important. I learned something from reading your post. Thank you!


My dad started working on his taxes a few weeks ago and ran into some problems. When he runs into problems, he obsesses and worries about figuring it out. He'll stay up late, talk about the problem a lot. He'll ask me for help and usually I'm patient with working through the problem. \r\n\r\nWhen I'm stressing about something, the collision of our anxieties could be a recipe for disaster. I do my best to bite my tongue because I know my impatient is about my stress. I did my best yesterday to bite my tongue when his anxiety and my stress hit. I'm not sure I was successful but he seemed okay with how I helped. \r\n\r\nWhen I'm stressed, I do much better to bite my tongue. If I wait to respond until my stress eases, I'm much better off.


When I tell someone what I'm dealing with, and they just blow it off.