Tell Us: When Do You Check Out?


Tell Us: When Do You Check Out?

key-533553_640We navigate lots of emotional land mines during caregiving. We cry for ourselves when we can't get help or solutions or understanding. We ache for our carees when they suffer and decline and endure.

Sometimes, we just can't manage all those land mines.

We check out. We disengage or become lost in our thoughts or focus only on our tasks. We do our best to stop feeling.

When does that happen for you? When do you find yourself checking out because you've checked in to too much emotion? Tell us in our comments section, below, when you tend to check out.

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Louise Sullivan

I get to check out when people come to visit, when I can hear real adult conversation, when I can focus long enough to play an on line game, or watch a good movie, otherwise, the anxiety and fear are with me constantly. The worst is in the morning when I first wake up and realize how my life has changed.


I had to learn to check out when I took mom to the ER for her unrelenting pain. No one should have to suffer such pain and the only way I could handle watching her was to check out. I had to separate myself emotionally from what was going on or I wouldn't have been able to care for her, or even drive her to the ER.


Emotionally I feel like i have checked out. I want to allow the emotions to come out but have been holding them in knowing we will be in a place to process in two months. The trouble is, I am having trouble engaging in the next steps which should be full of joy and fun exploration - I can't let myself do that until I feel \"ready, safe, settled.\"


Scanxiety every six weeks. In the days leading up to getting test results, the fear and tension become unbearable. Check out time!


Sometimes I worry that I check out too much. Sometimes I feel like I've stopped caring. I go to my folks apartment when I need to bring medicine, take them to appointments or the store. Mom asks why I don't come to just chat. I make the excuse that I'm busy with grandchildren - and it's true, mostly. But, when I'm not busy with one or the other, I'm exhausted and don't want to care.\nI've been losing myself in old family photos lately and posting some on my blog.

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