Tell Us: When Do You Fear Failure?


Tell Us: When Do You Fear Failure?

ship-716778_640We try so hard to do all we can to help our carees.

And, that focus can cause us to worry that we just won't be able to do what all we can to help our carees.

We fear we'll fail at caregiving.

I'd love to know: When do you fear failure the most? Have you felt you've failed in some way? How do you overcome the worries that you will fail?

Share your thoughts in our comments section, below.

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Just a few more thoughts, Jennifer: I've been blogging about helping my parents for a few years. One of the reasons I started was so I could remember all that I did. Please feel free to do that with us--I have found blogging to be one of the best coping strategies I have. It's been so helpful to look back, read what I did and think, I did enough.\r\n\r\nAnd, take photos of your day. Take videos when you have good moments with your mom. They also will show you that you did enough. :)


Hi Jennifer--Would it help to talk out your fears with your siblings? You could let them know all you're doing, ask for their help and suggestions. \r\n\r\nOr, if you can't discuss with your siblings, would it help to talk with your caree's doctor? Perhaps the doctor can assure what we can see in your comment--you are really and truly doing enough. \r\n\r\nI think we can believe it's our job to prevent death. As awful as it is, death comes through no fault of our own. Our job is to provide as much comfort and peace as possible--not only for the caree but for ourselves. We can't keep the end from coming but we can do our best to live in each moment, understanding we make treasured memories in those moments.\r\n\r\nPleas join us here. We've got three daily chats (9 a.m. ET, 2 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. ET) and we understood. We'd love to have you with us.


Jennifer, does the family make you feel that you aren't doing enough now? If they aren't, then there is no reason to fear that they will later. If they are, then they need to be stepping up with more support for you. In the meantime you must step back and not be your own worst critic. Of course that's easy to say, I know! You can't live in fear, but live with the realization that the ending you dread is Inevitable. Think of YOU, and find little ways to make yourself feel better. A little extra smile or gesture each day can go a long way to ease your feelings of guilt. Hang in there!

daffy don

I don't fear failure. I will make mistakes, and they may cost my sweetie her life. But, I cannot let this keep us from doing the best we can, cannot keep us from learning from our mistakes, cannot keep us from treasuring this time together.\n We (me and my sweetie) cannot let fear overshadow the simple joys and special moments we can share during our final honeymoon. \n Fear will not rob us of the good moments we have left. And when the end comes and we follow our separate exit strategies we will look back and say that this was the best time of our life that we were lucky to have shared together.\n No, No - Fear will not rob us of this Joy. I offer this: \"To coast down a hill, First I must climb to the top.

Lillie Fuller

My fear of failing comes when my mom falls, when she gets sick to her stomach from something she's eaten, when she is upset because of something that is happening that I have no control over. It's so weird how even when there is nothing I can do about the situation, I still feel like a failure!

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