Tell Us: When Do You Feel Helpless?


Tell Us: When Do You Feel Helpless?

stranded-387088_640We want so much to help and to help in a way that makes a difference, makes the day better, the life easier, the weeks more enjoyable.

Sometimes, though, no matter what we do, we can't solve or resolve or make progress. We feel helpless.

I wonder: When do you feel helpless? What happens that you feel like you're standing and watching without any way to make it better?

Share when you feel helpless in our comments section, below.

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Louise Sullivan

I feel helpless when he cannot get the words out, when just bending over causes extreme pain, when dressing and normal functions are a mountain for him to climb. I sometimes feel helpless just watching him sleep because that indicates to me he has had enough and just wants to check out. I feel helpless because I cannot make him better.


My mom's dementia is worsening. She is requiring more and more assistance with eating her meals. Her intake of food and liquids is decreasing. She forgets to swallow at times. Quite often she becomes agitated if I attempt to feed her or offer her water. I hope I can see her through this with patience and grace.


When I watched my mother slowly die over a period of 4 years from Lewy Body dementia. She went from around 130 lbs to 67 lbs. At the end she couldn't talk, was bedridden, agitated, in pain, and I couldn't do anything to stop it. She died Aug. 6, 2015 one of the saddest days of my life.


When he starts throwing up, I feel helpless to stave off another hospitalization.