Tell Us: When Do You Feel Sorry for Yourself?


Tell Us: When Do You Feel Sorry for Yourself?

glass-592712_640We do our best.

We try to accept what feels utterly unacceptable. We try to pick up the pieces of what caregiving has shattered. We try to turn the other cheek, to not let our hurts turn into our bitterness.

But, oh, it can be hard.

So, I'd love to know: When do you feel sorry for yourself? What happens that leads you down that path to self-pity? When do you cry and wonder, "Why me?"

Tell us when you feel sorry for yourself in our comments section, below.

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I too am feeling sorry for myself this month. Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching and November was our \"birthday month\". I was born on the 5th, my dad on the 15th and mom on the 24th. I couldn't figure out why I have been so weepy the last few days. I think last year I was still in the \"numb\" phase after mom's death. This year, despite my hubby and 2 adult kids, I think as an only child, I am really feeling alone and missing mom and dad.

Louise Sullivan

Completely on board with you on this Opus. I have a thing about being on time and get severely anxious when people do not arrive when stated. Because it is a ripple effect. I have completed stopped asking anyone to take me anywhere or be here to mind my husband because, he is even worse than me. Every service worker we have that comes in to this house is late every day, it drive both of us nuts, mostly because I a trying to keep up my health by attending and Aqua class. if they are late, I will miss the class, they do not repeat the classes until another time when I don't have a helper. Theres my rant for today!! Today she was half an hour late, I missed the class, she was here for 2 hours, never fed him let him sleep for 2 hours solid without washing him, taking him out. Now he will be up all night as he got too much sleep.\nRAAH

Louise Sullivan

I feel sorry for myself the most when I remember all the fun things we used to do together and will never do again. I feel sorry for myself because I retired from a job that gave me great satisfaction so that we could have this great retirement life together. At least if I was working, I would have people around me. I hate the aloneness that comes with this illness, when your partner cannot speak, or just tunes you out to watch the TV because thats all he has left. I feel sorry for myself the most when I wake up in the morning and realize that this is not just a bad dream.


I feel sorry for myself when I have people telling me to be positive or my favorite - \"if you really want to do something, you'll make time to do it\". It's true to some extent, but I get defensive (always the sign I'm going into the poor me mode) and start thinking of all the things I'd like to do. It's the simple things like, taking a bath or a nap without the phone ringing and some minor crisis happening. It's not so much what I have to do, but always being braced for the something else that's going to happen, that's what is so exhausting for me. \n\nSee? I've even gotten good at blaming someone else for my own pity party! Yup. That's really when I know I'm off balance and need to do my own inner work.


I feel sorry for myself when I feel like I'm carrying all the load and no one is helping. Sometimes it feels like everyone else is doing whatever they feel like doing, and I'm stuck doing all the stuff that \"must\" get done (vs. what I want to do). And yet I'm embarrassed to say, when I stop being emotional and look at it rationally, I typically conclude that I'm not LETTING others help me, and/or I'm doing stuff that probably doesn't need to get done \"right now.\" Many times, people are helping but they aren't doing things the way that I think they should be done (even though there is nothing wrong with their method). Ugh. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy!

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