Tell Us: When Do You Feel the Weight of the Caregiving Responsibility?


Tell Us: When Do You Feel the Weight of the Caregiving Responsibility?

heavy-934552_640As we know, caregiving isn't for wimps.

We make life-and-death decisions regularly, we know as much as our caree's doctor, we provide the kind of daily care a nurse does.

We have tremendous responsibilities as we care for a family member or friend.

I'd love to know: When do you feel the weight of those responsibilities? What do you most feel the pressure of the responsibilities?

Share your thoughts and experiences in our comments section, below.

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When my mom doesn't want to go to the ER and the paramedic looks at me and says, \"You're the POA? It's your call.\"\r\nWhen my dad gives me a check in advance to cover incidental expenses for the next few months and I have to document every penny of it for Medicaid.

Lillie Fuller

I feel the pressure when I haven't had enough sleep. Also, if I am invited to do something with friends and have no one to stay with mom I feel it. I get nasty and cranky and mopey and weepy! And I hate getting that way.


I will be asking a neighbor if they are willing to run to the store for some items. Sadly I live in a rural area so no grocery or pharmacy delivery. I will have to check my Church to see about cleaning ladies. Thanks for the advice!


I feel the weight of it all when I am sick and can't care for Mom in the usual way. Right now I am battling a case of pneumonia and I feel just awful that I can't take care of Mom properly. When I am wiped out just walking from my room to the kitchen and I have to take a break to make it all the way to her room. I am not cooking as normal, cleaning as normal, caring for her needs as normal. She is suffering more because I can't do my job :( I haven't been to the store in weeks, thankfully I always keep a cache of food for times like these since there is no one else I can rely on to help us.


I felt the weight of the world when I had to decide to call in hospice care for my mom. Is it the right time or is it the wrong time? If it is the right time, then you are admitting that your caree won't be around too much longer. If it is the wrong time, then you probably waited too long and can't really get any support. This is a no win situation. When they are gone, that thought will drive you crazy. Blame or guilt will always be on your mind. You have to forgive yourself but that's not easy.

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