Tell Us: When Do You Feel Trapped?


Tell Us: When Do You Feel Trapped?

key-96233_640The world gets smaller during caregiving. You don't have the time, money or energy for your pre-caregiving activities, relationships, outings. You develop a laser focus on your caree's needs, which means previous priorities fall by the wayside. You also may be the one who provides care, which means the responsibilities and tasks fill up your day.

And, that can mean you feel like options and choices have left. Some days, you can feel like caregiving has stuck you in a room without a door or a window. You're trapped.

I wonder: When do you feel trapped during caregiving?

Tell us when you feel the exit light has turned off in our comments section, below.

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I feel trapped when I have j u st had an exhausting session of getting Mom to sleep and realize that it is now \"my time\" and I don't have a friend or family member I can calland just chat with. I have never been a big talker about my job, being a nurse limits how much to can say and most non-nurses don't understand the work and it's not something you can explain in a friendly chat. My family mainly talks about how mom is then asks me what I've been up to....taking care of our mother. I get up early, do morning needs, get ready and go to work once her caregiver arrives. I worry all day if things are going well, frequently checking my phone to make sure there are no messages, then like Cinderella I must rush off and get home before the caregiver (wonderful, giving person) must leave. I feel trapped when I think about the future, this isn't like raising a child, but waiting for death to come, when, will I be there, and realize the trap is wanting that day to come for both our peace, and dreading the day because I have no other identity now.


I feel trapped in so many ways. Not only is my husband so head-strong and must make his decisions before any action can take place, I must be the smiling, there at a moment's notice for any and I mean any of his wishes! Not only that, my 2 adult daughters and 1 granddaughter live with us. At times they say or do something that make me feel like running out of the door and never returning. When I do try to share how I'm feeling, I am most often told that I am being a drama queen. I wonder what is the use many, many times.


I feel trapped when someone is doing something or going somewhere that I long to do, but can't figure out a way to fit it into our schedule or can't figure out how to get Mom where I would like to go.


I feel trapped when my husband \"forgets\" about agreements we have made regarding his care. What is the point of working so hard to craft these solutions or compromises if he's only going to abide by them when he it suits him? Yes, I know chemo brain is a factor, but that doesn't account for all of it.


I feel trapped when I'm criticized, especially when the criticism is about situations I have no control over. I also feel trapped when my parents make my decision for me and that is a horrible, horrible feeling.\r\n\r\nI also feel trapped when what I'm trying isn't working and I'm not sure what else to try.