Tell Us: When Do You Feel Wimpy?


Tell Us: When Do You Feel Wimpy?

life-863007_640I try to have a strong stomach.

But, once in awhile, I think, "This is too much! I can't stomach this!"

I feel like a wimp.

When my dad had a gash on his arm from his midnight fall, I could barely stand it when the ER nurse pulled off the gauze the EMT (unfortunately) used to wrap it. (You know how thin the skin gets as we get older--when the gauze comes off so does a few layers of skin.) I did fairly well taking care of his wounds from his skin cancer surgery on his head (which involved staples and a skin graft) although thinking about it now takes my breath away.

And, then I feel so wimpy.

I'd love to know: When do you feel wimpy?

Share your wimpy stories in our comments section, below.

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I have a pretty solid stomach for most things. The one thing that I least enjoy is poop. I am good with wound care, and vomit and blood. I was taking Mom to chair yoga and I made the mistake of feeding her before we went. She got sick as she was walking to the bathroom, put her hand over her mouth and I was behind her. Yep, full on face hit. I had to clean us both up in the public bathroom.\n\nShe gets really upset with poop incidents.I think, in part, because she dealt with Dad's before I took over for her. I keep saying, relax, it is just poop. No one is bleeding and it isn't acid, it washes off. On the inside I am saying, oh yuck, oh yuck, oh yuck.\n\nI paint over my old lady toenails, and Mom has a nurse come in to do hers, so I get off easy on the toenail front.\n\nMy husband had MOHS surgery in his eyebrow area near his nose. They left a gaping hole to the bone until the pathology came back. That was like someone scooped out his eyebrow with a mellon baller. I took care of that while we waited for the reconstruction surgery after the additional MOHS.\n\nI have had 2 knee replacements with staples for miles, it seemed. I even watched knee replacement before I had it done and woke up during my own surgery (that was exciting). That did not bother me at all. But poop, oh yuck, oh yuck, oh yuck.\n


TBD, that is a riot! And Denise, I understand completely. I don't often get freaked out by blood or vomit or snot. Being a retired kindy teacher helps in those areas. The toenails don't even bother me as my youngest has had two fungus toenails since she was 2 months old.\n\nWhat I can't take is drool. Our 9 year old foster son had cerebral palsy and drooled a lot. What I couldn't take was when I had to pick him up and the drool would drip down onto me, sometimes....*shudder*... on my bare skin. \n\nI also had difficulty when my husband had some skin cancer removed from his ear. I had to change the dressings and .. a small circle of cartilege was showing. I had to gear up for these cause it would almost make me faint.


What great timing for this question! I was just having this conversation with myself as I drove home this afternoon from visiting my Dad (I'm not the only one who has conversations with myself, right??). Here goes:\n\nMy daughter is in high school and plays select softball - she is one tough kid, and so are her team mates. During their practice Monday night, one of her team mates took a line drive to the face. It was horrible - she was nailed in the nose, dropped to the ground, blood everywhere. I am definitely not a nurse but have quite a bit of first aid training and experience, so out of instinct I immediately ran onto the field to help her. Blood does not bother me at all. By the time we got her stable and into her mom's car to head to the hospital, both she & I were pretty much covered in blood, dirt, sweat, snot, tears and who knows what else. She sustained a concussion and is out for the remainder of the season, which is not good, but her nose, eye socket, etc. are all fine and she will recover. Whew.\n\nFast forward to today. Dad hasn't been feeling good the past couple of days. His nurses and I have no idea if it's simply a bug, if there is something off with his meds, or if it's something else. He explains that he feels \"icky\" and has an upset stomach. When I walked into his room today, he was just waking up from a nap. He got excited that I was there, sat up too quickly, and vomited everywhere. Vomit does not bother me at all. I helped him get cleaned up, helped him change clothes and changed his bedding, and then settled down to visit. I noticed I had some vomit on my jeans, and my only thought was \"Crap, I just got these out of the wash this morning and now I need to wash them again.\" So be it.\n\nI then remembered that I had brought with me a new pair of shoes for him to try on. I took them out of the box and showed them to him, and his tired eyes lit up and he wanted to try them on. Now, one goofy thing about Dad is he does NOT wear socks. I don't know why, but he never wears them. So, as I kneeled in front of him and gently removed his old sneakers from his feet, I saw them: OLD MAN TOE NAILS. My head spun. I could feel the wretch reflex building in my throat. I kept telling myself to not look at them...but I couldn't stop looking at them. Yellow. Thick. Cracked. OLD MAN TOE NAILS. I noticed I wasn't breathing, and I hovered there, frozen in time, just inches away from those OLD MAN TOE NAILS. Somehow, a little voice inside me cried out, bringing me back, giving me the strength to retrieve the new shoes out of the box and quickly slip them onto his feet. I deeply breathed in the scent of the new shoes - a smelling salts of sorts - and was able to regain my composure...Just as Dad threw up all down my right shoulder. That's ok. I have on an old jacket. It will wash.