Tell Us: When Do You Feel You've Fallen Behind?


Tell Us: When Do You Feel You've Fallen Behind?

We fell back, setting our clocks back one hour today.

During caregiving, we can feel like we fall back in our lives. We can feel like we put goals and opportunities on hold while we prioritize caregiving during our life.

For you, when do you feel like you're falling behind?

Tell us your experiences and share your perspectives in our comments section, below.

As always, thank you so much for sharing!

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when the universe throws a wrench in your world and turns everything upside down.

Anita Henson

I have fallen behind, but not late, with the financial side of things...I'll be so busy with Mom, I forget to make time for the budget which includes two households. In order to keep everything in check I have booked my flights home at the end of the month, changed all the due dates (5) to the end of the month so I don't have to worry about money/bills while caring for Mom. I have also fallen behind in my own self care. Having gone to the doctor more times in one year as a caregiver than I had years previous as a teacher. I set alarms, reminders and have 3 calendars in my room. I looked at the one next to my lazy boy and the storage unit was due today! I have another as I walk out the door. These are things I did as a teacher, but never thought I would have to while caring for Mom and Dad. I feel as though I am catching up and can't stay ahead in my personal life.

Same. I feel behind every day because I feel years behind. Before I became a caregiver we had already prioritized my husband’s career. I didn’t feel it then but after 12 years you look back and realize how much you’ve given up and how behind it makes you feel. BUT I would do it all over again in the same breath because I realize that just because I FEEL behind doesn’t mean that I actually am.