Tell Us: When Do You Panic?


Tell Us: When Do You Panic?

keyboard-114439_640Some days, I hit my panic button so much I think I'm going to wear out my right hand.

I try so hard not to panic. But, a bad night's sleep or an unexpected problem or unwelcome news lures me into panic mode.

I'm curious: When was the last time you panicked? When do you typically panic? How did you overcome the panic?

Tell us about when you last panicked in our comments section, below.

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Richard, #3 is a tough one. I work with doctors, and I know that some are more approachable than others. It's really tricky how to communicate with them sometimes, and whole books have been written about such things. I sympathize, as I had the same problem today with my parents' doctor. \r\n\r\nI think what's tough is that you need to conserve your precious energy to be a caregiver, and it's so energy draining to have to figure out how to get through to the medical world. \r\n\r\nI hear you!


I panic when my dad, who has severe hearing loss, starts talking ABOUT mom, IN FRONT OF her (she has mild dementia, but would \"get\" what he's saying to me about her). He thinks he's whispering but he's not. This happened today at the doctor's office...I felt panicked, quickly gave him the stink-eye, handed him a piece of paper and pen while simultaneously distracting mom from what I was doing. \r\n\r\nBless their hearts. Sheesh!


Barb, this is exactly when I panic as well. Except for the depression during the day, I hold my emotions down pretty well. I don't even try. But, during the night, I sometimes wake up with my heart pounding and have also been having weird nightmares. My husband has Parkinson's and we are holding our own, but I panic to think what might happen, what WILL happen.


I panic when I get a phone call in the middle of the night. I know it's not my 94 year old Grandma so it must be one of my boys! Panic for me comes from the unexpected calls - I have had those kind of calls with both boys (adults) - one got a tooth knocked out at college playing Ultimate Frisbee at night. The girlfriend called and told me he had a head-on accident. I thought it was a terrible car accident. My other boy, totaled his car on a windy, one-lane mountain road - asked me to come and drive him the rest of the way up to camp. Totally pushed my panic buttons but didn't have to go, kind lady called a tow truck and drove him up to camp (work). Took deep breaths and we survived them together and can now laugh about it!


I panic when I start going over things that have happened and start panicking about what happened and worrying about what could have happened! I seem to be calm when things are happening when I have to get things done. I find blogging about what happened to be very relaxing!

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