Tell Us: When Do You Think, "You Have No Clue...?"


Tell Us: When Do You Think, "You Have No Clue...?"

magnifying-glass-699777_640At some point during my day, I'll shake my head and think, "You have no clue."

Sometimes, it's because of a request someone will make.

Sometimes, it's because of a comment someone else makes.

They just don't get it.

I'd love to love: When you do you think to yourself, "You have no clue?" What does someone do, say or request that leaves you thinking that they don't understand the impact or the situation or the dynamics.

In our comments section, below, tell us when you think, "You have no clue."

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My caree, my grandmother, has no clue whatsoever how deeply her selfish, me-first attitude hurts me at times. I love her, I do! But, dammit, she's the most spoiled, pampered, coddled and indulged person over the age of five that I've ever known.


Nobody but the primary care giver has a clue. My husband couldn't even figure out what a phrase said! My word of the day....UGH


Great timing on this one. I just took a call from a disgruntled citizen who had called to complain -- in the rudest possible way -- about something over which I have no control and which, quite frankly, is not a big deal anyway and should be filed under \"Get A Life Already.\" After yelling at me over the phone for some time, this (un)lovely individual whined \"My spouse has cancer and shouldn't be subjected to this. You don't understand!\" OH. NO. SHE. BETTER. DON\"T.


My wife is one who has no clue. She looks at me at times and seriously ask me why I am so tired. Really? Let's see probably has to do with working a full time job, taking care of our 4 fur babies, and her. She does very little for her self, and truly could do more. I have my own health issues which take a toll on me every day, yet I have to continue so we have income and insurance. SMDH


When siblings think I have all this free time. One off-handed remark: \"what do you have to do all day?\" So I told them -- it was a long list so that pretty much ended the conversation.

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