Tell Us: When Do You Want to Cry "Foul!"?


Tell Us: When Do You Want to Cry "Foul!"?

flagWhat if you could carry a yellow penalty flag that you could pull out of your pocket any time you see a caregiving foul?

When you have to wait more than 15 minutes in the doctor's office, you throw out the penalty flag and cry, "Foul."

When another car pulls into the handicapped parking spot (and doesn't have the placard), you can throw out the penalty flag and cry, "Foul."

Now it's your turn.

When do you want to throw the penalty flag and cry, "Foul." Tell us when you want to throw the penalty flag in our comments section, below.


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Distant family members who never offered to help, but who loved to play side-chair quarterback and point out all the errors I (supposedly) made, after the fact. \nOh, and these same people who, a few months later, suddenly find themselves in the same situation I was in, and they call me for help... of course I will give them tips & suggestions, but, seriously???


For the umpteen time they can't find the Power of Attorney on file and we have to fax it again, and again, and again...


Oh, this could be a long list, but the one simple most basic thing that is so often neglected, HAND WASHING!


I just want to throw a big yellow flag on the whole \"system\" - from redundant paperwork, to overscheduled doctors, to low pay for care staff resulting in poor quality care, and on and on. These are our most vulnerable citizens who need so much support, but the \"support system\" seems to have been designed to keep us all on a short leash with no options but to comply with an underfunded and far less than compassionate system. There, I said it!


When you fill out a batch of paperwork, and send it in, and then you need to provide supplemental information, only you don't even know what the original paperwork was for, or what you have already provided.

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