Tell Us: When Do You Want to Scream?


Tell Us: When Do You Want to Scream?

roller-coaster-1592917_640Last night, my mom told me she's tired of cooking. She's only been "cooking" (heating up soup, making sandwiches) for a few days.

Oh, my.

Against my wishes and my strong reaction, my parents moved from a retirement community, where others cook for my parents, into an apartment where, well, they do their own cooking. My dad, the cook of the two of them, is not doing well. (I'll blog more about that.)

So, yes, I wanted to scream at my mom that she's the cook now because this is the bed she made.

But, I didn't.

So, I'd love to know: When do you want to scream? When do you just get so frustrated and overwhelmed that you just want to yell and stomp your feet?

Tell us in our comments section, below.


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Lillie Fuller

This isn't a very good question for me today because I would like to yell and scream and stomp my feet at everything! \r\n\r\n(praying for you and your parents)


Thinking of all of you today, Denise.


Right now, this very moment. I have to take Grandma to her physical therapy appointment. Which is at the same hospital where Mom died a few days ago. I really don't want to go near that place.