Tell Us: When Do You Want to Scream? (ARGH!)


Tell Us: When Do You Want to Scream? (ARGH!)

person-802488_640I want to scream. My parents and their move make me want to yell and stomp my feet and flail my arms.

Mostly though, I want to scream.

I want to scream: This move is stupid! This move is a waste of time! This move makes no sense! This move will kill you (or perhaps me)! (I've recovered from my honeymoon period with the move, when I was so relieved they weren't moving back home that anything sounded good to me. Now that we're into the logistics -- they move June 10 and the house goes on the market May 10 -- I'm back to mad.)

So, when do you want to scream? What happens that you want to just yell at the top of your lungs?

Tell us (yell with us) in our comments section, below.

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I want to scream - every day around meal time! When asking him what would he like for dinner (he's very picky) he always answer with an answer - \"What ya got\"? - He goes through weeks when all he wants are hot dog or pizza. Then he says I don't want hot dogs or pizza any more. He tells us he doesn't want diet soda anymore - \"don't buy anymore diet soda\" then we go out to dinner and he orders diet soda and he is miserable the next day! He lived on sandwiches for a while no we can't get him to eat a sandwich. Right now he is on a go out to eat tear and spends a lot of $$ on restaurant food.


You have my sincere sympathy. What you're doing now (and I did in the fairly recent past) is basically the same as emptying a chamber pot. A job once delegated to the lowest woman on the maidservant totem pole. But, unlike you or I, that unfortunate woman wasn't also cooking or washing dishes. She wouldn't have been allowed!\r\nIs your Mom really frail, tired, and unable to get anywhere in the wheelchair without help? Would she be physically able to get from the wheelchair to the toilet? Is she giving up, or just getting lazy? What would happen if the commode chair was no longer available all the time? Would it be possible to get her PCP in your corner on this issue?\r\nI don't recommend just taking the commode chair away. That could backfire in a godawful nasty way.


My 56 year old sister (G) lives in assisted living with numerous physical and mental health issues. Because the transport bus (which is paid for monthly in addition to her rent) only operates within the county, my other sisters frequently take her to doctors appointments. They've had to take off work to do this. Also, they all live out in the country, nothing is close so a round trip to the doctor can easily be 70+ miles. So my oldest sister decided they would hire Home Instead (even though really expensive) for those times they can't get off work to transport her. It was made clear that she was only to use this when there were no other options. So what does G do last week? Calls them to drive 60 miles round trip and had the person get stuff out of storage in my niece's garage while my niece was at work. (Stuff that has remained in boxes in her previous apartments collecting dust and there isn't really room in her current apartment.) My oldest sister was furious, so told the agency that all rides must be approved through her, since G can't be responsible. So then G calls them again yesterday, to take her to an appointment where she could have taken the bus. The agency calls my oldest sister to get approval and because it was now to late to schedule ride on bus, she caved since G really needs to make her counseling appointment. So my poor oldest sister now has to tell them not to even take G's calls, and she will have to schedule any necessary rides. WE ALL COLLECTIVELY SCREAM... it is such a dilemma because of G's mental health issues... believe it or not, part of the diagnosis includes manipulative behavior! Ya Think! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR....


Ugh!!! Do you ever say that topic is off the table for today? I've recently started \"just one project a week.\" This week was planting spring flowers. Next week is tbd :-)


I want to scream when my Dad calls me for help with Mom, but won't act on the advice I give. Why the hell is he asking? And why should any of us care if \"she won't like that!\" If we only did as Her Royal Highness bid, SHE WOULD BE DEAD BY NOW.

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