Tell Us: When Do You Want to Take the Low Road?


Tell Us: When Do You Want to Take the Low Road?

road-166543_640Oh, I tried taking the high road.

That didn't work so I hit the low road.

I know we're supposed to stay on that high road but sometimes that road just seems too steep, too rocky and, well, the wrong road. And, sometimes sticking to the high road can feel like we're just stuck to a door mat.

I wonder: When do you want to turn off the high road and travel along the low road? If you could travel the low road, what would you then say or do?

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If the the high road is feeling too rough, I'll choose the low road for a while, to refresh & re- evaluate which direction I want to go.


I don't take the low road. But if I did, I would have choice words for the do-nothing relatives who never call, never visit my mom or me.


At the end of a long day when my patience runs out. I'm trying to be optimistic though -- tomorrow is a new day.


\"Stuck to a door mat\"...unfortunately, I too often feel more like, \"stuck BEING a door mat\". That's when I really want to take that so-called \"low road\", and feel free to say everything, express everything, that I tend to keep bottled up inside. To declare, loudly for all the world to hear- \" I am NOT a superwoman, I CAN'T do it all, all the time, day in and day out, never a break, never a day off, never a moment to be\" An ordinary, limited human woman who gets very, very tired. And cranky.