Tell Us: When Does Your Heart Break?


Tell Us: When Does Your Heart Break?

glass-423551_640On Valentine's Day, we talk about love.

In caregiving, though, you can feel like the talk is about heart break. Your caree suffers another decline; your heart breaks. You can't find the solution you need; your heart breaks. A family member is a no-show yet again; your heart breaks.

A broken heart needs good company. So, tell us in our comments section, below, when does your heart break?

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My heart breaks when I see the look on my husband's face when he realizes \"I can't do _________ anymore.\"


My Mother is bed bound and total care. I don't always mind the mountains of laundry, getting awakened in middle of night when Mom hangs legs through bed rail and yells out, nor do I complain very much about any of the endless chores. I am very fortunate that I still have health good enough to keep my mother at home. I am blessed to be an RN so I recognize when I need to seek medical assist. In the winter I sew and clean house. Gardening in the summer makes me very happy. I am a canning addict. \r\n Now for what really breaks my heart! I can never leave home to visit or do things with my grandchildren. One of my grandchildren does not get to take vacations because they don't have a reliable person to dog and house sit. There are two hairdressers in family, but my dear mother has to rely on my terrible attempts. A caregiver I am, but a hairdresser I'm not. Mother's Day and Christmas my mom has no visits from other daughter nor grandchildren, as they are busy celebrating with mom mostly forgotten. My neighbor is so clueless she mentioned I should be able to leave Mom long enough to at least attend church. I could go on and on, but have just chosen to stay positive by reading how many are so dedicated and loyal. There is hope for mankind, and it is so obvious when one reads this blog.,


I don't know what breaks my heart these days because for the past couple of years now my main focus has been taking care of and meeting the needs of my husband. \"I\" have disappeared.

Lillie Fuller

My heart breaks when my sister comes over and talks about her mother in law for thirty or forty minutes and leaves without ever saying, \"how are you Mom?\"


My heart breaks when my Mom asks about my one sister. \"where is Margie?\", she will ask me. My sister Margaret hasn't spoken to my mother in years. She has distanced herself once my mother broke her hip in 2011. My sister has a 12 year old boy and a 17 year old daughter. Of course, before my mother acquired dementia and became also an invalid, She took care of Margaret's kids. We were all close (I thought). When the going gets tough, some folks get going. Either my sister showed her true colors, or I see clearly now.............Just the other night, Mom asked the question and mentioned that she missed Margie and her kids. I helped her to call and she left a message. As usual, no return call. I really feel hatred for her as a person. I feel heartbreak for my mother because I do not know what to tell her. Her daughter is an evil selfish self -serving person and I am sorry for that. Margaret is a big advocate for Mom to go into a nursing home. Period. That is all she ever had transmitted to me in e-mail.

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