Tell Us: When Have You Deferred on a Doctor's Recommendation?


Tell Us: When Have You Deferred on a Doctor's Recommendation?

fork_in_roadRecently, during one of our member chats, we discussed a doctor's recommendation that you knew was not right for your caree. You may have understood the reason for the doctor's recommendation and you knew you had a better solution.

Which leads to quandary: Follow the doctor's advice or follow your gut.

So, I'm curious: When has a doctor made a recommendation that you knew wouldn't work but you followed anyway? Or, when did a doctor make a recommendation that you knew wasn't right so you didn't follow? In either case, what was the result?

Please share your stories and experiences in our comments section, below.

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If a medication is diagnosed and my husband has reservations about using it then we have a discussion with the doctor. There have been many times that the doctor or nurse prescribed the incorrect medication or dose and totally jeopardized my husband's health. It's a balancing act at times but if something doesn't seem right we use our common sense, have discussions with his primary and find the best solution that we can all agree on. \r\nHe has a wonderful team of doctors and we are extremely grateful for their guidance and understanding of his medical conditions.

Chris MacLellan

While TLO was under the care of Hospice of Broward County, the physician suggested that I remove his Lipitor. When I asked the physician why she was recommending this, her response was \"He has so many other problems that he has to deal with, cholesterol is the least of his problems.\" I found her response kind of strange because she did not take into account how he would feel about the removal of the Lipitor. Knowing that I have the Ph.D. in TLO, removing the Lipitor would have caused him added stress. I could hear him saying, \"What about my cholesterol, is that not important anymore.!\" To flippantly stop the MEDs just did not make any sense to me. \r\nWhile I am all for limiting as many meds as possible, there has to be a clear reason and discrpiton why a medication should be removed. If the physician would have said,'his cholesterol levels indicate that he really does not need the Lipitor,' then of course, I would have supported eliminating the med. \r\nAfter consulting with the primary care physician, I was comforted in knowing that I made the right choice. Sometimes in the midst of Caring, we forget that each one of us has a choice!