Tell Us, When Was the Last Time You Wanted to Run Away?


Tell Us, When Was the Last Time You Wanted to Run Away?

beach-84533_640My mom is in the hospital. One of my siblings is yelling at me. And, the emails keeping coming with requests for my help, my time, my ideas.

Honestly, I just want to run away. I want off this roller coaster. I want a beach, a book and an umbrella drink.

Want to join me?

Today, tell us about the last time you thought, "I really just want to run away. I need an escape and a quick one." Share your stories in our comments section, below.

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Ah, the old hospitalized parent-angry sibling one-two punch. Good times....\r\n\r\nI'm so sorry your mother is in the hospital, Denise. You have really been through the wringer lately. The fact that you feel like a \"book, beach, and umbrella drink\" respite would be enough to bring you back from the brink is a testament to your strength. I think I'd have to get off the planet!\r\n\r\nA couple months ago I started taking the \"scenic route\" home from work. Adds another 15 minutes to my commute and let me tell you, time is a precious commodity around here. It finally dawned on me that I had unconsciously built a \"mini escape\" into my day -- a break after work but before the \"work\" of being home began. \r\n\r\nYou give of yourself so tirelessly to so many. No one is more deserving of a break. I'm hoping you find that escape.


I'll get two tickets for the Bahamas...I know a great little island that is fairly isolated, yet has internet connection at one spot if gravely needed. Oh, and it has a cell phone tower as long as there are no hurricanes.\r\n\r\nThinking of you. <3


This sounds awful but I wish, each and every day that I could just get in my car and run away from home. I feel SO overwhelmed, SO sad and SO totally abandoned. I spent 5 years taking care of Mom and Dad until Dad passed away and now have been looking after Mom for 7 years and I just cannot imagine anymore that one day I *might* still get to think only about myself. \r\nMy whole life seems to have been about taking care of others but never having anyone who realizes just how lonely and traumatic all of this has been for me and that they could realize that just occasionally having someone offer to take Mom for a week-end would be total HEAVEN for me.\r\n\r\nColette sending hugs to all carers out there who understand how I feel.... tired, exhausted and just without hope of this ever ending......\r\n\r\nxoxo


I want to run away every day and thanks to my two great sons and two wonderful part time caregivers,for a few hours, I get to.

Lillie Fuller

Lots of love and hugs and prayers to the family! \r\n\r\nYesterday was my run away day! The whole day things just kept going from bad to worse and they are still not good today but my attitude is different. This whole refrigerator thing sucks but worrying about it isn't doing me any good. I will live out of an ice chest if I have to. Worrying isn't going to fix it. \r\n\r\nI need that beach and that book and that umbrella drink also! I am so looking forward to it. Now, if it would just hurry and get here.

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