Tell Us: When You Want to Forget It All, What Do You Do?


Tell Us: When You Want to Forget It All, What Do You Do?

pier-440339_640Caregiving brings about lots of challenges and difficulties, including the insidious way it just takes over. Suddenly, you have a mind and a heart just full of worries and stresses.

I wonder: When you want to forget it all, what do you do? Do you pick up a book, get lost in Facebook, watch endless kitty videos on YouTube?

When you need an escape, where do you go? Tell us about about your escape plan in our comments section, below.

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Play games on my phone or online\r\nSocial Media \r\nNetflix\r\nDissociate\r\nMeditate\r\nRead\r\nWatch TV or listen to music (Lately, watching Doctor Who)


Movies, books and games on my iPad. Sounds stupid I know. But that's about as far away from things as I can get, mentally and physically. Endless lame YouTube videos? Absolutely. Walking is good, but that really just gives me more time to ponder my situation, not escape it.


When I've had is so freggin abusive to me.....m I think about parking my car in our garage and die. I'm stressed depressed and want to go see my brother in who died 20 years ago.