Tell Us: Where Do You Find the Hearing Aid Batteries?

hand-287292_640My parents have been working out cleaning out their house, moving furniture and possessions in two waves to their apartment.

After each move, I've cleaned and straightened up the house, which remains on the market. Every time, I do I find hearing aid batteries in the oddest spots. The tiny, shiny buttons were behind a were once china cabinet and book case stood.

When my mom had her lengthy hospital stay in the summer of 2015, we found hearing aid batteries in corners of her rooms (she had several), unused tissues, everywhere. And, we were helping her change her batteries.

I'm always amazed where we find the hearing aid batteries, so tiny for older adults with arthritic hands to handle.

Where do you find your caree's hearing aid batteries? Is there something of your caree that you find in the oddest places? Share your stories in our comments section, below.

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