Tell Us: Which Advice Wasn't Meant for You?


Tell Us: Which Advice Wasn't Meant for You?

I love the series of television commercials for a financial services company in which a financial planner meets with customers who complain about advice they received which didn't help them.

The financial planner explains, "That advice wasn't meant for you." Meaning, the customer received advice that didn't fit their situation or circumstance or goals.

I think that explains what often happens during caregiving. We receive advice which isn't appropriate or realistic or logical. It's not meant for us.

I'd love to hear about the advice you've received which wasn't meant for you. In our comment section, below, share what advice you received and how you knew it wasn't meant for you.

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Any of the suggested Caregiving advice that is available (like taking breaks, time to yourself etc,..) just does not work or fit into my Caregiving routine. The thing with Caregiving is that your either \"ALL IN\" or your NOT.


I agree with Dalila. I had visiting nurses, and a home health aide, and they were supposed to be enabling me to do the things I needed to do. But I couldn't just go do anything. These were people I did not know, in my house, with my mother, and it was scary as all hell at first. Tell you something, though - once I got to know them and became comfortable with them, I still didn't feel OK about leaving the house, because what if they had a question that Mom couldn't answer? So I guess the 'advice that wasn't for me' was along the lines of, 'well why don't you go DO SOMETHING while the nurse is there?!' ....Uh, no? Because what-if-this-happens?


\"You have to take time for yourself.\" The advice was certainly true and it was in response to what I was saying. What wasn't meant for me was that I needed someone to let me talk, share what I had done and be supportive with ideas for solutions or an offer to help instead of just telling me I needed to take time for myself. I knew that. I said that. I needed someone to listen to my pain.