Tell Us: Which Day Do You Dread?


Tell Us: Which Day Do You Dread?

paper-606649_640This morning, I connected with a mom who cares for her daughter, diagnosed at 9 with glaucoma.

Her daughter is doing well and receiving terrific care from one of our local university hospitals. In order to stay on top of the condition, her daughter has three-month check-ups with her doctors. So far, the three-month check-ups have only provided good news--her daughter's condition has not worsened.

But that doesn't mean the mom doesn't dread the day of the three-month check-up. Life feels normal for the mom, except on the day of the appointment. The stress settles in because of the possibility of bad news.

She dreads the day of her daughter's three-month check-up.

I wonder: What day do you dread? Tell us about the dreadful day in our comments section, below.

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