Tell Us: Who and What Do You Love?


Tell Us: Who and What Do You Love?

heart-762564_640We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend! And, we’re giving away prizes when you participate.

For a chance to win, tell us about how and what you love in our comments section, below. Tell us about a friend, your spouse, your caree, your hobby, the best book you've ever read, your favorite movie, the meal you still savor.

I'll announce winners on Tuesday.

I look forward to learning about who and what you love!

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I love that I have been given the opportunity to not just say the words, I love you, but to put that into action by being a caregiver. I can now show my unconditional love in my actions, not just my words. I love that my son has become a wonderful, warm man. I love that he learned how to show love by being around Rod for 19 years. When FTD comes to call, I just remember those days before FTD and hold tight to the fact that I am still here, loving him, I refused to give up.


Wow I love a lot of people and stuff so here goes... I love my family, my husband and daughter. I love cycling and the fact that we all care about each other and are truly concerned over our fellow cycling friends' well being. I love coming on here and chatting about just about anything. I love shoes and going to the mall just to try them on and walk around in the prettiest most comfortable heels (yes I said all of that in the same sentence). I love reading and sitting in front of my window with the sun beaming in and a great cup of coffee. I love the simple things in life and being able to be around my husband and daughter and enjoying their lives. I also love anything pink since my childhood nickname was rosebud.

Lillie Fuller

I love ME! I love my mom and my boys! I love my stepchildren and grandchildren. I love my Roxie, Stella and Zeena! I love plants and flowers and butterflies. I love having my family at my house, feeding them a home cooked meal. I love being a family caregiver to my mom. I love my family of friends here at


I love my family. I love crocheting, painting, crafting, and reading. I love a good nap when I can get one :)


I love creating things others will enjoy, find beautiful, pleasing, comforting, warm and snuggly..... like a prayer shawl, comfort quilt, artwork, .....