Tell Us: Who Gets a Lump of Coal?


Tell Us: Who Gets a Lump of Coal?

christmas-518587_640I appreciate that during this season of giving we really want to keep a warm heart.

But, what the heck, Christmas is a week away and it's okay if we spend just a few moments being naughty. Santa will understand.

So, to whom do you give a lump of coal this Christmas? Is it the health care system, the insurance company, a family member, a community program that won't help?

Tell us about the recipient of the coal and the reason why in our comments section, below.

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Zuzu, I work for a county aging office, and this is a great explanation of how the system works. We have literature and I know our case workers do their best to explain this to consumers and their families, but it doesn't always hit home until afterwards. Thanks!

Lillie Fuller

My sister definitely gets the lump of coal. I have been trying to reach her for three days to see if she can take my mom and I to see my brother and I have heard NARY a word from her. She brags about how many vehicles she has and everyone in the house drives, I just don't see what the problem is!


I want to nominate Medicaid in Virginia. Unfortunately my mother spent all of her money on the nursing home and doctors and I had to apply for Medicaid for her. She could keep $2,000. When my mom died in August I received a letter from the state asking what resources she had left. I told them $2,000. I then get a letter asking that I send it to them. I had not read the papers well enough to realize that they would take what was left. Yes I am happy Medicaid was there to help but they took all that was left. What another blow after losing my mother. Just something other's might not know. I would definitely send them a lump of coal for Christmas.\r\n\r\nAnita


I just blogged about my SIL and definitely nominate her to receive a lump of coal lol