Tell Us: Who Have You Forgiven?


Tell Us: Who Have You Forgiven?

sun-209495_640While reading the newspaper this morning, I was reminded of a life skill we seem challenged to use every day--forgiveness.

And, yet, it can be so hard to forgive! It can feel so good to hold that grudge which, in the moment, feels so powerful. As the days drag on, though, that grudge that seemed to make us bigger now seems to make us smaller as our bitterness, our sour view on life, grows.

Life becomes sweet again when we forgive.

To inspire us to forgive, please tell us about who you forgive, how worked through the pain to reach forgiveness and what happened as a result of that forgiveness. Please share in our comments section, below.


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I did forgive my parents for the way I was raised. I finally had to just say that they did what they thought was best at the time. They had their own troubles. Now, I need to forgive my sister for the way she treats me - she's the baby of the family, and has had her own troubles. The way we were raised contributed a lot to that. The folks were into their own \"stuff\" , and didn't give us any lessons for life......we've stumbled a lot..........trying to find out from others. My brothers just stay away. I take care of Dad, because I was the only one here to do it, when my mother passed. He is really my step-dad, my mother married him when I was 3.....he took me on - so I do him.


I forgave my husband for having an inappropriate relationship. We had opened our home to a friend going through struggles and trying to get clean/sober. I trusted her and trusted my husband. They weren't trustworthy... I ended up having to ask her to leave because she started using again - in my home. My husband decided life was no longer worth living and quit taking all of his heart meds. A few weeks later, I had to call 911 and when a mental health professional was doing an evaluation, I learned about all that had gone on between the two of them. I'm listening as he is telling the person how it made him feel 20 years younger like it was a GOOD THING. I had biblical grounds for divorce (and an \"out\" from caregiving if I was looking for that) but I chose to forgive. He is/was vulnerable and she was out of control from drugs. I learned a lesson about not being quite so trusting and will be much more careful about who I give shelter to (dogs and cats are safe, lol). He didn't even acknowledge how wrong it was - and he didn't really apologize or ask for forgiveness (there are mental health issues). But I chose to forgive. None of us are perfect. Forgive us our trespasses \"as WE forgive those who trespass against us\".


Ha, no one yet.........I am afraid if I forgive my siblings, I will continue to connect with them and just get hurt........I know I need to forgive them. I am supposed to forgive again and again. We are commanded to, but (there is that but again.......... I am afraid I will set myself up to be hurt and disappointed again.