Tell Us: Whose Lack of Support Hurts You the Most?


Tell Us: Whose Lack of Support Hurts You the Most?

heart-742712_640On Sunday night, during our evening chat, we discussed the family members we thought who would support us but don't. Or, can't. Or, won't.

We all have stories about family members and friends who disappear (well, run) when caregiving enters our life's equation. I wonder, though, which one hurts the most? Which one who turned and left still smarts?

Tell us about the lack of support from a family member or friend which really causes heartache in our comments section, below.

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gena Haynes

I am not an only child and yet I am the only one taking care of Mom. I have a younger brother who is married and living a normal life. I try not to be bitter. He does call once a week now, but that is all. He lives thousands of miles away (on purpose I think). It's okay. It's my job as the oldest and as the daughter. This is what I tell myself. My purpose in life.


My husband's family. My husband was always one who would give up everything he had for any one of his family members or even a perfect stranger. He was always there for each and every one of them and now since the stroke, they have turned their back on him. A few of them will call when it's \"Convenient\" for them, and the rest have moved on.

Lillie Fuller

The person whose lack of support hurts me the most is my mom's youngest sister, my Auntie Alice. When my mom was in the hospital and in rehab the last part of last year and the doctor informed us that my mom would require more help and support than before my Auntie Alice was there and she was gung ho going to help me care for my mom. She said she would come over and visit and spend time with my mom to give me a break. She really sucked me in to that. The one time she was here with my mom, supposedly until I got home from the store and running a few errands, she left while I was gone and that was less than an hour. Something told me to come home. I'm glad I did. The two other times I have called for help from her she has told me no, she had something else planned. So, it really bothers me and I don't bother asking for help anymore!