Tell Us: Whose Unhappiness Feels Unbearable?


Tell Us: Whose Unhappiness Feels Unbearable?

dominoes-719199_640Caregiving can feel ripe for unhappy situations.

You move your mom in with your family because you know she'll receive the care she needs. But then you worry about the impact on your marriage and your children. Will your decision create unhappy situations for others in the family?

You watch your caree struggle to keep up with the declines; the losses keep piling up, stunning your caree (and you). How could the losses not cause unhappiness?

You do your best to keep your life during your caregiving but you've had to made difficult choices about what you let go. Will your choices lead you to unhappiness?

I'd love to know: Whose unhappiness feels unbearable? Share your thoughts in our comments section, below.

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My husband's unhappiness is unbearable. He's generally a very positive person, so when I see that he's down, I know it's bad and it breaks my heart. If only I could shoulder some of his pain and suffering.

Lillie Fuller

This is a \"deep\" question. Because my Caregiving of my parents started when I was deep in the doo doo of moving on from my ex husband, I think my children probably suffered the most unhappiness, especially my youngest son who was only 3. Family separation was hard enough without going into the Caregiving role and having to set my kids needs somewhat aside. I have never really thought about this but I think my final answer would be the unhappiness of my youngest son was and still is unbearable.


My daughter was diagnosed with a significant health condition just a few short months before my mother's daily needs escalated sharply. I think that for awhile, the unhappiest one on the bunch was me. I felt resentment towards my mom for taking away time and energy I wanted and needed for other things. I was tired, stressed and feeling guilty all the time. I'm better now. I've adjusted to the \"new normal\" of my life, Taking \"one day at a time\" sounds so trite, but it's the only thing that works!