Tell Us: Why Is Relaxing So Difficult?


Tell Us: Why Is Relaxing So Difficult?

This morning, on Today on Your Caregiving Journey, our Monday morning podcast, we talked about weight gain during caregiving. That conversation led to a discussion about relaxing and how challenging it can be to relax during caregiving.

We shared different reasons for why it's so hard to relax: We have too much to do, too many people need us, we worry we're being irresponsible if we don't, we feel the constant pressure to fix.

I'd love to know why you may have a difficult time relaxing. When you think about sitting and taking it easy, what do you do instead? When was the last time you had a chance to relax?

Share your thoughts and experiences in our comment section, below.

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Lillie Fuller

Hard to relax when you are always on alert. I always have to have one ear open or one eye open. Even when i go out, when i'm away, it's worry. It doesn't cease.

I feel like a fireman waiting to hear the clanging bell. Always ready to respond. My heart races when I am awaken during the night. Sleep slow to return.


My son was injured in an ATV accident on 5/30/2016. Even before he was paralyzed I was always on the go, worked a full time and part time job and never sat still for long. Since his spinal cord injury I have had very few moments where I have felt I could sit back and relax. I find it so difficult to sit idle and if I do, my mind begins to race and the anxiety kicks in. What am I forgetting? Are we supposed to be somewhere? Was I supposes to call someone or make an appointment? Order supplies? Do I have time to sit? Should I clean up? I almost feel like when I do finally convince myself to sit, my son can hear my thoughts and all of a sudden .... he needs me for something. UGH!