Tell Us: Your Best Organizing Tips


Tell Us: Your Best Organizing Tips

binder.svg.medRichard (@rwagoner10), one of our members who cares for his wife, would love to hear your tips on how you stay organized.

So, please tell us your best tips for:

  • organizing caregiving supplies;

  • organizing medications;

  • organizing paperwork;

  • organizing your day.

Please share the tips that work for you in our comments section, below.

(And, if you're a member of, please join our Let's Get Organizing group and our monthly organizing chat on the first Sunday of every month at 7 p.m. ET.)

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I have always been an organize person. I am luckily with my mom she doesn't take a lot of medicine. She has always been organize herself (she was a nurse for 60 years, and believe me they make the worst patience). I do most thing on schedule, like doing laundry on Friday, that my wonderful husband does for me. I keep all our appointment on the calendar in the kitchen. We try to do things on same time of the day everyday.


For medications I use the baggies system. You have a 1 gal bag for the week in it 7 quart bags for each day of the week and in that 1 pill bag (found in most pharmacies by pill organizers) for each time your caree takes pills. This system works well for us as my mother takes pills 6 times on non dialysis days and 8 times on a dialysis day. this does not fit any standard pill box. so the baggies work well.\r\n\r\nAs for paperwork I keep a file folder for each type (After visit summery, charting, mileage, to follow up on, etc.\r\n\r\nAppointments I keep on an appointment calendar.