thunder_stormThe temperature of your day often can determine your temper. When the sun shines in your house because all goes right, you remain cool, calm and collected.

When the storms break out in your house because all goes wrong, you overheat. Your temper becomes like the claps of thunder. As you unleash your lightening strikes, your voice booms throughout the house.

And, then the rains--your tears of regret--come.

It would be great if we could keep our temper in check on all days, both those wonderful sunny days and those difficult stormy days. The reality is, though, we lose our temper. A poor night's sleep, a task that overwhelms, a need we can't meet may be like the flame to the match. All it takes is one little spark to set us off.

And, truth be told, your temper can remind you that you remain a spirited, passionate person. Rather than tempering your temper, funnel it into an outlet which raises your blood pressure for a good reason--because it reminds you of living, of achieving, of accomplishing.

Use your temperament to bring the sun into the house, no matter what storms rage.

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I want to thank you. I did not realize that. I know that I lose my temper, but never look at it as a storm or sunny days. I want to thank you. \r\n\r\nIt is hard being a care giver for My in-laws. Some days are better then others. But now I know when I lose my temper I need to being the sun light instead.


Denise, I lost my temper with my wife this past Friday. I was feeling so much: depleted, scared, anxious, depressed. When I'm depleted is when I'm most apt to being overly sensitive. I took a mini vacation. I talked with my wife on Sunday and things were so much better after I got a lot of rest along with the support from our chat on saturday. Good news today I will report on What's new.\r\nThank you, Bob