background-2349_640During a stressful, overwhelming, awful time, you can feel like the difficult days will be permanent. Your fate is sealed in cement. Every day will be as trying and frustrating as this day.

Stress is terrible for many reasons but especially because it lies to you. It lulls you into believing in its permanence. You'll never feel better. It will never get better. You're doomed.

The truth is all that bad days are temporary. Sure, they last much longer than you prefer.

But. They do end. They are temporary.

Understanding that it's all temporary helps in so many ways. As hard as it is to acknowledge, your caree's life is temporary. This truth helps you make the most of the time you do have. As difficult as it is to believe, your bad luck is temporary. This truth helps you get up each day knowing that each new day brings you closer to better. Because it's temporary, you can keep the faith, remain hopeful, bite back bitterness, treasure the best moments, believe in your possibilities and invest in your dream.

It's all temporary. Because it all ends, you can continue.

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Right now I am in \"opposite world\". Sure, I know exactly what this Temporary is all about. Those days or endless days when you just hold your head and think I just can't go on like this. Temporary is such a comfort.\r\n\r\nMy Temporary right now is the opposite. We are not in any crisis, days are going smoothly and things are getting done. Mom is relatively healthy, but continuing her long slow decline. Hubby and I are enjoying his new Fridays off work policy and we have even had a chance to get away overnight last weekend. This is the \"opposite world\" Temporary. The waiting period, if you will, before the next stressful crisis. But then, if I can remember, that too will be temporary.

Chris MacLellan

I would much rather be dealing with the stress of caregiving rather than the void that I currently feel. However, I do know that will change over time, because this feeling is temporary. Temporary is such a powerful word because during the days I feel like I can't continue, I recognize that it is OK to live in the moment, whatever moment that might be. Thanks for this gentle reminder that the days will get better...