10 Reasons to Start Blogging About Your Caregiving (and After Caregiving) Days


10 Reasons to Start Blogging About Your Caregiving (and After Caregiving) Days


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I began blogging on Caregiving.com in 2009, joining our three very first bloggers (Sharon, who cared for her husband; Tara, who cared for her mom; Gary, who cares for his mom). I have always loved it. But, now, I treasure it. I'd love for you to benefit from blogging on Caregiving.com, too.

I've got 10 reasons that I hope will convince you to begin blogging:

1. Caregiving happens 24/7 which means you may have a story to share at 2 a.m. But who's awake to listen? Your blog. It never sleeps. And, even though it's always awake, it's never too tired for an update from you.

2. Your blog waits patiently for you, ready for an update, an insight, a perspective.

3. Your blog listens with an open mind, accepting your thoughts, especially the ones that make you wonder, "Am I nuts?", without a blink of the eye.

4. Your blog hears with a loving heart, taking in what you feel without judgment or recriminations.

5. Your blog handles your bad news and rejoices with your good.

6. Your blog doesn't tell you you're wrong, or too sensitive, or too dramatic, or not doing enough, or over-analzying. Your blog takes in so that you can release that worry, that fear, that concern.

7. Your blog will be your memory, storing your stories so you can remember all you did, all you experienced, all you overcame.

8. Your blog teaches others (like health care professionals, policy makers, entrepreneurs) about caregiving. Because you share your days, you educate others who may not truly understand but really do want to help.

9. You contribute to one of the largest libraries of caregiving stories online. You become part of history. And, even though we have thousands of blog posts, we don't have any duplicates. Each blog post and each story is unique, which is why we want to capture as many caregiving stories as possible, especially yours.

10. Your blog connects you to us, so we can encourage, support and comfort. We hope we help you keep going.

Finally, your caregiving experience is the only credential you need to be a published author on Caregiving.com. And, what's happening during your day is just the right content to share your blog.

(Not blogging yet on Caregiving.com? It's easy to get started; you'll find instructions in the Welcome message received from me upon joining us as well as in our Forum. Not a member yet? Create your free Caregiving.com account to start your blog.)

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Well I want to say Hi ~to my fellow caregivers! \nI am so happy I stopped by tonight. I started out feeling kinda blue but checked out the PODCAST section and it gave me a number of ways to deal with life and care giving. For example, take care of yourself, set boundaries, communicate my needs and be open to the reactions of others, get a hobby~ even if it's five minutes! Pick my battles. I am beginning to get the gist of life/work balance thing. There are a lot of resources out in this world even when I feel like the world is only these walls. I can do lots of things like volunteer from the convenience of my home. I can do what I want. I can be separate from my caregiving responsibilities. I am so glad I stopped by and I realize there is a world outside and I don't have to feel alone and sad. Try it ! I hope it will help someone out there that feels alone.


HI Melody -- You can connect by just reading and commenting on our blogs. You are welcome to join us here as a blogger, too. Thanks for all you do!!