Thank the Lord for the Outside


Thank the Lord for the Outside

flower-690092_640When my husband was about to be released from the hospital, my two sons  and I were given the names of  four rehab facilities which we hurriedly visited. We had four criteria:

1) that the facility not smell bad;

2) that there be a program of activities;

3) that the staff be friendly and caring; and

4) that there be an outside sitting area.

A few days later while sitting in that outside area, I was inspired to write:


Thank the Lord for the outside.

Thank the Lord for the trees

Thank the Lord for the sound of water falling

And the cooling gentle breeze


Thank the Lord for the sunshine

Bringing warmth and bringing light

Thank the Lord that I know

Everything’s gonna be alright

by Michelle Andrea Bracken

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Your post reminded me of my mother-in-law's insistence, a couple of years, that she do her post-hospital rehab at this perfectly awful place, despite the fact that there are several much nicer facilities in the area. The first time I went to visit her, the smell literally had me gagging. So I concur wholeheartedly that it is an important criterion when selecting a facility.


You really captured it, Michelle. I think that's what contributes so much to this world's sadness, is people don't get outside to enjoy what is naturally there. If you get away from the concrete and glass, you remember Who is in control of all this, and it sure helps.


Beautiful and so true--nature is truly a blessing for us.